Introduce Your Child to Financial Literacy

With the WISH I KNEW series


Do you think early finance can change the course of your children’s life? Imagine, if only they have a good foundation of financial literacy early in their life, what effects would it have on them for the rest of their life.

Hi, this is Karen, Author of the Wish I Knew series and an advocate for FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early). This series makeup for my regret not knowing about Financial Independence when I was young. I spend many years earning money just to spend it. This series plants positive financial concepts to shorten the reader’s path to financial independence.

My Jobless Parents

Kindle $3.01
Paperback $7.99
Introduces a new concept of FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early). Challenge parents to attain FIRE to spend time with children.

What’s Your Problem

Kindle $3.01
Paperback $7.99
Introduces value creation and self-worth. It also showcases that a simple shift in tone and thought can be life-changing.

Wish I Knew Blockchain, Bitcoin

Kindle eBook $4.92
Paperback $13.15

This graphic novel introduces the key concept of how Blockchain technologies work and affect our society in a simple way.

New Assets 3.0- Ride on the Cryptocurrency Wave!

Kindle eBook $4.97
Paperback $37.62

Step by Step Guide to build The Fastest Growing Assets

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