Please Go Through Everything Before Your Session

Common Questions

1. How do you usually work with clients?

Through working with me, you will develop a “Money Mastery Mindset”, conquer your cash flow management, and create a clear roadmap for when and how you can reach financial independence so you can be free to pursue your passions and live the carefree life of your dreams.

2. What can I expect from the call?

We’re going to be doing a high-level business persona finance analysis so we can determine the root issue of what’s NOT working in your path to Financial Independence, and once we’re both clear on what’s going on there we’ll discuss your goals. And if we determine working with me is your best next step toward achieving your goals and solving your root issue in seeking Financial Independence, we’ll talk about that. If it ends up not being a fit, we’ll still point you in the direction of resources that will help you.

3. Who is New ChinChin ?

Hi, I was a technopreneur and semi-retire to become an author. Despite doing well, I was still frustrated, stressed and aimless. I was insecure about my financials and that prohibits me to enjoy my wealth.

This is until I change my relationship with money and conquer my cash flow management. With my tech background, I translate my experience into tools that you can visualise and guide you to reach financial independence so you can be free to pursue your passions and live the carefree life of your dreams. Everyone can reach Financial Independence.

My Clients

Ng Hwee Koon

46 Senior Assistant Director

“ChinChin is a fantastic coach. She helped me see that I have it in me to be financially secure. She set me on the path to financial freedom by encouraging me to bite the bullet to invest in assets that will generate passive income for me. She show me that there is really a path specially made for me to follow to achieve financial freedom. I am confident about my future thanks to her.”

Agnes Ong

10 years of leading and driving sales team performance in a financial institution.

“I went on the course without giving much thought into it. After just 1 session with ChinChin, I strongly feel the need to start planning for my financial independence now. The content in the course is very relevant and beneficial for my learning and supports my financial understanding better especially the ones on weekly hours spent and forecasting for my future. I will recommend this course to anyone at any stage of your life and career who wants to take ownership of achieving financial independence.

Klaire Phua

25, Property Agent.

“I am now much more confident in achieving my financial freedom sooner thanks to her. Shared concepts and formulas that are practical and easy to understand. Have definitely opened my mind to seeing life and money in a different manner. Her advice has positively encouraged me to start my owning my assets and also, building a passive income stream towards financial freedom.

By Justin Foo, 41

Aspiring Artist / Art Educator

Coaching by Karen is a refreshing experience! She is warm, friendly and is able to address my concern in my life goals. Most importantly she is able to light up my inner flame and point me to where I should be heading in the area of wealth management, life expectations fulfillment and reaching my dreams. Thank you for being such a wonderful financial alarm clock and a dream compass!

Jay Koh, 51

Blockchain Advisory

Thank you Karen for a great coaching program on sharing Care free life. In her program , I have learnt that A carefree life is often associated with a sense of freedom and happiness, where a person doesn’t have any significant worries or responsibilities to attend to. The best part is that we can works on this goal in a short period of time , She share the step by step process how we can achieve this. I appreciate her sharing in doing this. I feel more secured with a clear financial roadmap.